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Can you survive the $200 Gauntlet?

Saturday, June 19th @ WPF: Melee -

Eight performers will run The Gauntlet to win the ultimate prize.... The WPF Melee Championship Title!!!

What that's not enough of an ultimate prize?

How bout if I remind you that the WPF Melee Champion will not only have proven themself to be the best performer at WPF: Melee, the hottest performance poetry show in town, but they will also get free admission to all WPF events as long as they hold the title?

What? Still not ultimate enough?

How about a $100 cash prize as well?

I've got your attention now, don't I? Yeah, I thought so.

If you're interested in running The $200 Gauntlet then just sign-up at the Bay Area Spoken Word Forums. First come, first serve.

WPF $200 Gauntlet FAQ

1) What is The $200 Gauntlet?

The Gauntlet is a multi-tier single-elimination tournament.

2) What's the format of the tournament?

Tier One-
- Eight performers enter the gauntlet
- Each faces an opponent in a single round head-to-head bout
- Four performers continue to Tier Two
- Eliminated performers are awarded $10 each

Tier Two-
- Each competitor faces an opponent in a three round head-to-head bout
Round One - normal WPF rules
Round Two - Improv Haiku - each performer will draw a topic from a hat and have 30 seconds to create a haiku based on the topic
Round Three (if necessary) - Cover Round (normal WPF rules except that performers may NOT perform their own original work)
- Two performers continue on to Tier Three
- Eliminated performers are awarded $15 each

Tier Three-
- The two remaining performers compete in a five round head-to-head bout
Round One - normal WPF rules
Round Two - Limerick
Round Three - normal WPF rules
Round Four (if necessary) - Cover Round (normal WPF rules except that performers may NOT perform their own original work)
Round Five (if necessary) - normal WPF rules
- Eliminated performer is awarded $30
- Winner is awarded $100 and the WPF: Melee Championship Title!

3) Who can run The $200 Gauntlet?

The first eight performers signed up in this thread will enter the gauntlet on June 19th. If eight performers are already signed up and you are interested in competing, go ahead and sign up anyway in case someone has to drop out prior to the night of the competition.

4) What if I don't have pieces for all the necessary styles?

Then you have until June 19th to write them. Anyone who fails to perform in a round because they did not bring the proper material will be eliminated from the gauntlet without receiving an award of any kind.

5) What are the benefits of being the WPF: Melee Champion?

- Knowledge that you're the "best of show", literally
- free admittance to all WPF sponsored events
- some serious bragging rights

6) What are the responsibilities of being the WPF: Melee Champion?

- You must perform in at least one WPF event every 60 days
- You must defend your title at least once every three Melee's

7) Can Tag Teams run The $200 Gauntlet?

No. The $200 Gauntlet is being run for the WPF: Melee Championship. This is an individual title and cannot be held by a Tag Team

8) Can I still perform at the June 19th Mele if I dont want to run The $200 Gauntlet?

Absolutely! There will be several other matches on the card in addition to the gauntlet

9) How will rankings points be applied from gauntlet matches?

Each round will be treated as a seperate bout for ranking purposes. Ranking points from the Improv Haiku and Limerick rounds will be applied within the Short Form Division

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