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Another victorious Invasion!

Memorial Day Mayhem certainly made an impact as the world of poetry-entertainment came to Auburn this last Monday evening!

As the WPF crew rolled into town to dig our trenches and prepare for our takeover we were welcomed by rolled up sidewalks and closed signs in all the storefronts. Sure, some might blame the holiday weekend, but our hearty poetic warriors knew it was more akin to the main drag in a spaghetti western just before the showdown begins....

We found our way to The Club Car to discover a slowly growing crew of local poets and fans overseen by none other than Kyle "The Mortician" Bowen. A few locals took to the stage in the open-mic and then the time had come...

"Let's get ready to muuuuuummmmmmmbbbbllllleeeeeeeee"


Hrm Confused

Obviously all in attendance were shell-shocked by this first volley, but they roused as the evening's competitors were introduced.

Torsion was first to the mic and his battle cry of "How many people here are fucking nuts?", combined with the appearance of a bearded lady in a purple gown, aka Stacey Everheart, definetly let them know this wasn't their mother's poetry show!

Knockouts were traded in the first two rounds, the first going to Torsion's Club 5150 and the second, for Stacey's Punch Me, but Torsion took a decisive lead in round three scoring the third straight knockout in a row!

Sniping amongst the competitors and the introduction of Little Knutzy Foofoo helped the audience understand a little more of what was expected of them and by the time we got to round four they were trading commentary with the stage as if they were born to it.

And then things started to get weird...
(yeah, I know, you're shocked that a WPF show would get weird)

Stacey took round four, evening up the bout, but Torsion got disqualified for attacking the ref, leaving us in a it of an odd spot competition wise.

The bout went on with only Stacey remaining and just as Ref Aahz was awarding her the bout and thanking the audience for their renewed energy, an impassioned plea (and a crossing of the ref's palm with silver) got Torsion back into the bout. Good thing too, as he managed to eek out another victory, taking not only the final round, but the bout as well!!

By the time it was over the audience had been blown away not only by the amazing work of both competitors, but by th possibilities of poetry-entertainment as well. Both competitors had encore performances throughout the evening (both onstage and off) and a handful of Auburnites may well be making the trek to SJ to attend future WPF events as well.

All in all, this may have been our most succesful Invasion to date!

WPF General Manager

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